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Special Promotions




4 Package for the price of 1 (laser hair removal packages)      


Interested in treating multiple areas such as arms, legs, bikini, underarms...? This special promotion may just be the perfect combo. This offer includes 4 full packages of laser hair removal treatments and Prime Laser's Lifetime Warranty.



 Full Body Laser Hair Removal Package $1,750

This is the ultimate laser hair removal package. If you're looking to never have to shave or wax anywhere on your body again then look no further. This special promotion covers head-to-toe or as many areas as you wish to treat. This offer includes a full package of laser hair removal treatments (6 sessions) and prime Laser's Lifetime Warranty.




Package of 5 Microderm for $449

Looking for that radiant glowing look? Microdermabrasion will do just that! With Microdermabrasion we will gently exfoliate the outer layer of your skin allowing for regeneration of new skin cells which can take away fine lines and wrinkle, making you look radiant and beautiful.





50% Off Package of 6 Skin Tightening Treatments


As we age production of collagen slows down causing wrinkles and loose skin around face and neck. Utilizing the laser technology we will treat your skin and in as few as 2 sessions you will begin to see a younger and tighter looking skin. This is a wonderful option for prevention of new wrinkle as well as treatment of existing lines and wrinkles.


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