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Mix n Match Packages

$799 Any 3 Areas

$999 Any 5 Areas

(A complete package of 3 or 5 of the following areas:

upper legs, lower legs, full bikini, full face, lower arms, upper arms, chest, lower back, upper back, underarms. This package includes Prime Laser Center's Lifetime warranty.)


*limited time promotion


Specials & Promotions

At Prime Laser Center we are committed to offering our valued clients the best of both worlds: highest quality of service at lowest prices possible. We use the top of the line lasers specifically manufactured for each skin and hair color. This will ensure your utmost satisfaction in achieving the best result for each treatment that you recieve with us.

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$950 2-Day Sale Now!

$2,999 Full Body


Laser Hair Removal Package!


(Includes 6 treatments of the entire body and Prime Laser's Lifetime Warranty)

*** phone consultation 

* 2-days only

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T-Shirt Package

$1,299 Full Back, Chest, Abs, Upper Arms & Shoulders Package (80% Off)

(Package includes Prime Laser's Lifetime Warranty)

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$599 Full Face Package

$599 Full Bikini Package

$599 Underarms Package

$749 Face & Neck Pkg

$749 Full Bikini & Underarms Pkg

$749 Full Bikini & Full Face Pkg

$999 Full Legs, Underarms & Full bikini Pkg

$999 Lower Legs, Underarms, Face & Bikini Pkg

(Packages includes Prime Laser's Lifetime Warranty)

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